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Penn Relays Throws Qualifier

CBA will be hosting a Penn Relays qualifier in the throws on Monday, April 3rd 2023, the first meet ever held at the new George Sheehan Track Complex. This meet will serve as the first official track meet held at the new facility and kick off what we hope to be a successful outdoor campaign. The meet will make use of CBA’s new javelin runway, a beautiful pair of shot circles, and an expansive discus cage that opens up into the center of the track. The purpose of the meet is to improve upon prior marks or qualify for the 2023 Penn Relays. “We want the meet to be fast, efficient, and competitive. There will be one flight for every event: 15 max per gender. There are loose qualifying standards. Nobody should be entering this meet that doesn’t have a reasonable chance of hitting the Penn standard,” says throws coach Andrew Cusick '06. “There needs to be better meets for elite competitors. There needs to be better meets for our frosh/JV competitors. They should rarely be the same meet. We will make every competitor feel like a rock star. NJ track and field has to change how we view meet scheduling.” As far as the CBA throws squad is concerned, we are looking to extend our Penn qualification streak from 2014. As it stands now, senior Code Abutel, with a mark of 176-0 in the javelin (177-3 is the Penn standard) has the best chance. We look forward to seeing some great competition at our first-ever competition at the George Sheehan Track Complex.


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